A Question for Warren Kinsella

Warren, in light of the umbrage you displayed over the post at Babbling Brooks which drew a legal response from you, I’m curious as to how you would defend your conduct towards David Janes, another Canadian blogger. To refresh your memory, here are your words again:

“The Internet is full of red-necked, mouth-breathing rightist poltroons – as is talk radio, and a lot of newspaper editorial pages…

…The commentary below comes from the blog of another mouth-breather, David Janes. Mr. Janes, who is one of those angry white men littered throughout cyber-space…

…David Janes? David Jerk, more like.” (January 17, 2004)

Lest I be accused of quoting you out of context, I am happy to provide a link to the page where you made the statement so that readers may make their own judgements. (As an aside, you really need to learn how to use permalinks – it would take some of the effort out of pillorying you.) In case said document disappears, I have also preserved a screen capture for the sake of posterity (and please don’t bother me about the nonsensical copyright warning appended to your site—we both know it’s unenforceable bunk).

Being one of the few who managed to read Damian’s original post before you intimidated him into removing it, I’m aware that his treatment of you was not nearly so offensive (in my opinion) as your treatment of Mr. Janes. My question to you is:

How do you account for the double standard on display here?

I’m looking forward to your response. My contact information can be found here. Be forewarned, should that response be of a legal nature, please know that I am not easily intimidated and am willing and able to retain legal counsel. You should also be aware that I reserve the right to publish any communication received from you in this space—nothing will be treated in confidence, regardless of whatever lawyerly fine print you choose to garnish your communication with.


Sean McCormick

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