Great Photography Tools Part II

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about shooting in the RAW. If you don’t know what I mean, you should go back and read that. If you read it, and now have your DSLR camera set to take RAW images, you might be wondering what you can do with them. They are not jpgs ... Read More

What Science Is The Liberal Gov’t Following?

So, Canadians who are not vaccinated are not free to travel – they cannot even leave the country for a vacation. What science is this? Hint: There is no science. It is tyrannical in nature for a government that knows there will be no elections because it’s made deals with the devil to call itself ... Read More

Caryma Sa’d Is A Lousy Lawyer

So, Caryma showed up at a political event held on private property. She was asked to leave. She refused. She got arrested. According to the CBC, Caryma says, “No one has articulated why … I’m not allowed into this event, I have an RSVP,” He Sa’d – go look up the Trespass to Property Act, ... Read More

Own A Nikon And Want Help?

Soon enough we’ll have some reasons and time for some snarky political content – but we’re in a photography mode. We can switch modes pretty fast though. For now, if you own a Nikon camera, and you want to improve your knowledge of your model – or Nikon products in general, there’s a fabulous website ... Read More

Great Photography Tools (Part 1 – Shoot In The Raw)

Summer’s coming. Time of the year when people are getting out and snapping more photos with their phones. There’s a group of photographers though that still love the higher quality images from DSLR cameras. Yeah, it is true that mobile devices have come a long way and the cameras inside them can be pretty amazing. ... Read More

Where Is Everyone?

I know… you’re not blogging anymore but you should be. Forget about social media, Facebook – can you easily find old “posts” on Facebook? Can you easily categorize them? Facebook and other so-called “Web 2.0” sort of revolutionized the internet but I don’t think it was for the best. So much great content has now ... Read More

The Country Life, Part I

A person who is prone to atmospheric migraines (bastardly headaches brought on by sudden changes in air pressure) should probably not do things like taking it upon himself to refuel the vehicle when his head hurts so bad he can hardly see straight. This would lead to him doing something dumb like filling the car ... Read More

Perhaps Not

Singer Tom Cochrane suggests that PM the PM should think about his legacy when it comes to Canada’s contribution to the relief of Third World poverty and debt. I’m thinking that this “legacy” business is a tad overrated. See, Jean Chretien left his country a legacy. It was called the Sponsorship Scandal. I’m thinking that ... Read More

When I was a kid

I don’t know if I’m old enough to make those, ‘when I was a kid’ observations but since they seem to arrive unbidden, I suppose whether I’m old enough or not is moot. Today, while driving through the neighborhood I saw two kids jogging. Not that unusual but as I drew closer I saw they ... Read More

Movin’ Shootin’ Rejuvinatin’

Folks, I’m officially taking the summer off from blogging on politics. I’m burned out. I’m moving. I’m setting up a new homestead. I’m getting new businesses off the ground. I’m writing a book. I’m trying to hit my goal of a thousand new images in my portfolio by the end of summer. Those are the ... Read More