Just The Facts, Ma’am

Ray van der Woning Well, with all the hooplah surrounding the freakshow at Toronto’s Pearson Airport yesterday it was both refreshing and illuminating to watch how Canadian journalism handled the event. Essentially, for most of the day, we saw live feeds of the President of the GTAA suffer the barrage of reporters’ questions, and deal ... Read More

Cdn Govt Caught Funding Anti-Choice Web Site

EDMONTON, May 25, 2005 (PolSpy.ca) – The publishers of the PolSpy weblog today called on Liza Frulla , Minister of Canadian Heritage, to review the funding relationship between the Publisher’s Assistance Program (PAP) and lifesite.net, a Web site that regularly features articles that can be construed as hostile to those advocating same-sex marriage and abortion. ... Read More

Publicly Owned Private Property

Lawyers representing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have just put the hammer down on a couple of bloggers who were only trying to help send some traffic to the CBC’s Web site. Bloggers Sarah and Leo assembled a RSS feed for the latest news items offered up on the CBC’s Web site. They were simply helping ... Read More

You Say Militant I say Po-tah-toe

I took a good-natured heckling over comments I made in yesterday’s piece on Style Over Substance. It was noted that perhaps I completely overlooked that the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades is, in fact, a terrorist group, and should not be referred to as a mere militant organization. To which I responded “ah, but you have miss-interpreted ... Read More

Style Over Substance

CBC reports that CanWest Global is in the hot-seat for altering the meaning of reports it obtains from other news agencies. They have evidently been peppering Middle-East news with the word ‘terrorist’ when describing mainly Arab groups. No kidding. As an example, Schlesinger cited a recent Reuters story, in which the original copy read: “…the ... Read More

An Artful Shakedown

For those of you who aren’t in the know, Ray and I are both avid photographers. Not only that, but we also sell prints of our work. (Hint! Hint!). Alas, neither of us has made enough money from our print sales that we can each afford our own Marla Maples. (Yet.) This simply will not ... Read More