Cdn Govt Caught Funding Anti-Choice Web Site

EDMONTON, May 25, 2005 ( – The publishers of the PolSpy weblog today called on Liza Frulla , Minister of Canadian Heritage, to review the funding relationship between the Publisher’s Assistance Program (PAP) and, a Web site that regularly features articles that can be construed as hostile to those advocating same-sex marriage and abortion. The Interim, an affiliated monthly publication of the Life Site that contains the same disturbing messages as their main Web page, received $47,233 in federal funding through PAP in 2003/2004.

Both the Web site addresses, and, appear to be fronts for the same organization, the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). Both sites give their street address as 104 Bond Street, Toronto, ON. Co-incidentally (or not), this is also the street address of the CLC. All three sites share the same administrative and technical contact, Steve Jalsevac. It is doubtful that most Canadians are aware that their tax dollars are being used to support the extreme religious positions of the Life Site and the CLC through federal support of The Interim.

In its letter to Ms. Frulla, PolSpy stated, “We as the publishers of a kickazz Web site that satirizes the interests of many Canadians, do not believe that any public money should be used to subsidize the delivery of The Interim. This publication, a propaganda tool of the CLC, advocates policies harmful to pregnant women and to homosexuals in what is supposedly a tolerant society here in Canada. No matter how small the amount involved may be, it is unacceptable. We urge you to review this funding relationship and to protect the constitutional rights of ALL Canadians.”

To express your concerns to Minister Frulla email:

Attn: LifeSite/CLC members…

Hey asshats, if you ever manage to take a few minutes away from spreading fear, prejudice, and hate, try reading your Bible. The bit of advice offered in Matthew 7:3 is particularly good.

Ad Infinitum…

A few additional points in reponse to some of the comments and a few private e-mails I have received:

  1. I don’t believe any publication has any business taking government funding. Period. This would include the publication that my wife and I created, and which would be a perfect candidate for Canadian Heritage funding should my wife and I ever decide to whore ourselves out like Belinda Stronach.
  2. The point of the post was not to paint Life Site as religious extremists. The point was to highlight the asinine nature of their complaint. We have one special interest organization that is using some federal funding complaining about another special interest organization doing the same? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
  3. To all those who have pointed out the obvious, thank you. Yes, I already know that I’m going to “Burn in Hell”. I’ll say hello to Stockwell Day for all of you since I’m pretty sure he’ll be floating next to me on the Lake of Fire(tm).
  4. I will abstain from using sarcasm when posting on topics that primarily involve Catholics in the future. I keep forgetting that they probably wouldn’t be Catholic if they could grok sarcasm in the first place. 😉

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