Darwin Award Contenders

While I don’t think getting yourself killed by fleeing the police in a high-speed chase is notable enough to garner a Darwin Award these days, the fact that these two Edmonton youths managed to kill themselves before (one hopes) reproducing their faulty genes should technically qualify them for the award:

The Edmonton police force will itself be investigated after two teenaged boys died after a high-speed chase Saturday night.

The two teenagers, Cory Bishop, 16, and Ryan Pope, 17, died when their car hit another car and a tree in the city’s north end. — CBC

I’m rather annoyed that the police force is being “investigated” over the deaths. If anything, they should be commended for helping usher these two losers on to their demise before they became a further burden on society. Oh, did I forget to mention that the police found over $1,100.00 worth of crack cocaine in the car’s wreckage? You won’t find me weeping over these two.

If anything, I’d like to see us issuing police officers with heat seeking missiles for their patrol cars. You try to outrun the police and they put a missile up your tailpipe. Literally. Prison crowding? No worries. Kill the little bastards before they make it to court and you’ll save the taxpayers all kinds of money.

Count me in with those who think that a little police brutality can only be a good thing now and then. On the roads, on public transit (I would be most grateful if they could see their way clear to shooting the drug dealer who frequents the bus I take home every evening), heck, even at the odd garage sale.

It’s all good.

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