If Only I’d Stayed With The Mother Corp

It’s official, Canada: If you want a sure-fire career path, pay your dues at the CBC, then wait for your appointment as Governor General.

CanWest News has revealed that Prime Minister Paul Martin will announce the appointment of Michaelle Jean as Governor General, to take over when Madame Adrienne Clarkson lets go of the purse strings. Ms Jean, a journalist and filmmaker, is currently seen on CBC as the host of Rough Cuts and The Passionate Eye. She is Haitian-born, 48 years old, creative, and by all appearances, a class act. It is not known if there is a coattail rider John Ralston Saul in her life.

Back when I graduated from journalism school, I spent two wonderful years learning the ropes in the national newsroom at CBC Radio, quitting only when the Powers That Be had decided that the only way I could further my career was to move to Iqaluit. If only I’d known.

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