Nice Cheap Shot

The pundits say that C-38 is “likely” to pass third reading today. I hope they’re right.

The concept of same sex marriage has been debated to death over these last few months: It’s been argued, poked at, dissected and put through every ringer from the religious to the ridiculous. It’s time to put it to a vote and get on with life.

Conditions must be looking favourable for the bill to pass, when Stephen “this is my happy face” Harper resorts to calling support for the bill illegitimate.

“On Monday, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said that although Bill C-38 will likely pass, it lacks legitimacy because it will do so with help from the Bloc Quebecois. “The truth is, most federalist MPs will oppose this legislation,” Harper said, raising the ire of the other political leaders.”

He has a point. It doesn’t belong in this particular debate, but he does have a point.

I’ve long felt that the BQ has no business being in Ottawa: They’re a single-issue party who have brought the concerns of one province to the federal floor. Unfortunately, a whole lot of Quebec voters feel differently, and there they are. So, like it or not, they’re a political force to be reckoned with at times like these. They helped Mr. Harper and his party on the non-confidence motions, and he seemed to be happy with that. But now that things aren’t going his way, he’s taking a cheap shot, and digging a deeper hole for himself and his future as CPC leader.

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