Own A Nikon And Want Help?

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Soon enough we’ll have some reasons and time for some snarky political content – but we’re in a photography mode. We can switch modes pretty fast though. For now, if you own a Nikon camera, and you want to improve your knowledge of your model – or Nikon products in general, there’s a fabulous website resource that can help you.

I’ve visited some of the so-called photo website like 500px and Guru Shots (I’m not even gonna link to them – don’t bother…) – but these are not sites that you’ll ever get any real feedback, critique, or knowledge sharing. These sites are built around ways to keep you on the site. In one of them, you can join “teams” and submit photos to a competition – but really, you need to be there all day and vote, vote, vote. It’s a waste of time (in my opinion). But if you like games, go for it.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for real resources, real feedback, and an amazing catalogue of information about Nikon products, let me introduce you to Nikonians – “The World Wide Home For Nikon Photographers.”

Yes, it is mostly all Nikon here, although there is a section for Non-Nikon stuff – but that’s geared toward Nikon owners who might also dabble with some other gear.

The Nikonian forum has sections that include information on all the Nikon gear, broken down into sections. For example, do you own a Nikon D610? Well, just go here and you’ll find a boat-load of information on your camera, how to use it and get the most out of it!

Have you taken what you think is a great photo with your Nikon? Maybe your friends are just trying not to hurt your feelings, but you want some honest feed back. You’ll get that in the “Critique My Photo” section – and honest feedback from pros that know what they are talking about.

Many people want to improve their photography – getting feedback is a great first step – and don’t be insulted or feel bad if the honest advice wasn’t something you had thought of; instead take it as a learning opportunity to hone your skills.

Nikonians is one of the best photography forums out there!

Another great website is Ken Rockwell’s Nikon site.  (That’s his image at the top of this post). Ken has a wealth of information on Nikon cameras, lenses, and reviews them – and provides detailed information including shortcomings and positives – he doesn’t let loose about things that he thinks should be improved. He’s even generous enough to give you his own personal settings for the Nikon’s that have the U1 and U2 options – which allow you to switch quickly to customized options depending on your photo shooting situation.

I have spent hours on Ken’s website – one of these days I should pay him back with a paypal donation because he’s certainly been generous with his time and sharing of information.


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