Nice Cheap Shot

The pundits say that C-38 is “likely” to pass third reading today. I hope they’re right. The concept of same sex marriage has been debated to death over these last few months: It’s been argued, poked at, dissected and put through every ringer from the religious to the ridiculous. It’s time to put it to ... Read More

Perhaps Not

Singer Tom Cochrane suggests that PM the PM should think about his legacy when it comes to Canada’s contribution to the relief of Third World poverty and debt. I’m thinking that this “legacy” business is a tad overrated. See, Jean Chretien left his country a legacy. It was called the Sponsorship Scandal. I’m thinking that ... Read More

When I was a kid

I don’t know if I’m old enough to make those, ‘when I was a kid’ observations but since they seem to arrive unbidden, I suppose whether I’m old enough or not is moot. Today, while driving through the neighborhood I saw two kids jogging. Not that unusual but as I drew closer I saw they ... Read More

Ideology of Healthcare

Healthcare is fertile ground for debate. Views of correctness range from the cult of the invisible hand (if everyone follows their own vested interest things will magically work out OK in the end) to the doctrine of eternal fairness (where everyone gets every possible medical procedure—and a white pony—for free). The WSJ has, among several ... Read More