We’re Bored, Can You Tell?

It’s been a little bit quiet around here. Chances are, you have been away from your computer for extended periods—it’s summer after all, and we need to make the most of the 6 good weeks we get, ya know?

We’re more than just busy with summer though. Fact of the matter is, PolSpy’s publishers are flat-out bored with Canadian politics. It isn’t fun any more. Hell, it isn’t even funny anymore.

Sean is keeping himself quite busy. He’s balancing a move to the country, a runaway photographic habit, a burgeoning photography business (rumour has it he’s in the PC biz too but…) and he still hasn’t been able to drag a construction crew in to put down pilings for his motorhome mobile home. And, to boot, the poor bastard is on dial-up.

He surprised us all last week suggesting that perhaps PolSpy ought to be put down. Not surprisingly though, his suggestion was met with little resistance from Nancy (busy with new freelance writing gig) and Kevin (busy being Kevin), and I really didn’t do much to dissuade him. (Actually, it was more like stepping out of the way for a jumper, but don’t tell him I said that.)

However, I’ve learned to never say never where weblogs are concerned. We may or may not be done. It’s hard to tell, really.

Enjoy the back-half of summer, folks. Excuse me, would ya? I have to go outside and clean up some dog poop.

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