What Science Is The Liberal Gov’t Following?

So, Canadians who are not vaccinated are not free to travel – they cannot even leave the country for a vacation. What science is this?

Hint: There is no science.

It is tyrannical in nature for a government that knows there will be no elections because it’s made deals with the devil to call itself “democratically” elected and infringe on travel rights. Before our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms came into existence, there had been world-wide pandemics.  The writers of the Charter didn’t say that rights could be removed for reasons of pandemics and vaccinations.

Ottawa is rife with numbskulls. It seems there are enough numbskulls in our media and in the general population to provide some support to the Ottawa numbskulls.

I’ve heard from friends abroad that some people who were thinking of applying to immigrate to Canada are rethinking that. There is a level of concern – governments seizing bank accounts, restrictions on travel, and who knows what else this Liberal government has up their sleeves? Let’s not forget about their ideas to censor and regulate opinion and expression on the internet.

What science is any of this based on?

It’s not. It’s bullshit.


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