Shitty Election Criteria

C’mon guys, I’m carrying PolSpy… The BBC reports that in India, village council candidates in India should be allowed to stand for election only if they have a toilet (to sit on) at home. Apparently “more than 65% of India’s rural population defecated in the open, along roadsides, railway tracks and fields, generating huge amounts ... Read More

Canada Cuts Red Tape, Defence Moves Quicker

What they were talking about: Canada overhauls domestic defence. What they said: “[It will] allow us to react more quickly and more effectively to events across Canada, including the North,” — Defence Minister Bill Graham “We are going to simplify that, move very much to a command-centric structure,— Although we have always treated defence and ... Read More


There is much hue and cry over the imbalance between the amount of testosterone and the amount of estrogen in Paul Martin’s latest cabinet. Warren Kinsella hasn’t been this indignant since, um, the last time he was indignant. I even know of one fellow who is so worked up that he went to the effort ... Read More