If Only I’d Stayed With The Mother Corp

It’s official, Canada: If you want a sure-fire career path, pay your dues at the CBC, then wait for your appointment as Governor General. CanWest News has revealed that Prime Minister Paul Martin will announce the appointment of Michaelle Jean as Governor General, to take over when Madame Adrienne Clarkson lets go of the purse ... Read More

The PolSpy Order of Canada – Part 2

The PolSpy Jury Of One hereby decrees that honours for the month of July shall be bestowed on thirty outstanding individuals from Prince Edward Island. Our latest inductees were enjoying the summer sun on a beach near Charlottetown, when it became apparent that five swimmers were in distress. They were caught in a riptide and ... Read More

Nice Cheap Shot

The pundits say that C-38 is “likely” to pass third reading today. I hope they’re right. The concept of same sex marriage has been debated to death over these last few months: It’s been argued, poked at, dissected and put through every ringer from the religious to the ridiculous. It’s time to put it to ... Read More

Dithering Diplomacy

Pierre Pettigrew’s brand of “quiet Canadian diplomacy” is proving to be even quieter than Bill Graham’s as he dithers about contemplates how to properly deal with governments who kill our citizens abroad. Zahra Kazemi was in Tehran on a photo shoot, working outside a Tehran prison when she taken into custody. Reports say she was ... Read More

It’s not what you are…or is it?

I can’t stand legislated equality. To me, it benefits no one and it makes the group fighting for increased recognition sound like a bunch of petty whiners. So when Prime Minister Paul Martin announced his cabinet appointments in Ottawa and the cry went up that there wasn’t enough female representation, I started to cringe. The ... Read More