Internet Radio for the Right

I originally asked this question over at the Western Standard Blog in a comment, but I’d like to know why those on the right of the political spectrum in Canada haven’t considered setting up their own Internet radio station? It seems me that this would be much more productive than the continual carping about ... Read More

Taking ‘Those Bastards’ To Court

A group of Canadian cattle producers, desperate to get the Canada/U.S. border opened to the shipment of live cattle again, is turning up the heat on this issue by suing the U.S. government for violating NAFTA. That should get their attention right? Well, actually, no it won’t. Canada’s softwood lumber producers already tried this tactic ... Read More

Too Much Of A Good Thing

While I think that blogging is a good thing, you can have too much of it. I’m talking about blogs by politicians. They tend to suck, by and large, because politicians just don’t grok blog style communication. Belinda’s blog sucked. Ed Broadbent’s blog sucked, except for the notable post where he temporarily supersized his testicles ... Read More

People Registry Rivals Gun Registry

Like a bad reality TV show, Canada’s People Registry threatens not only to bring Orwellian databases further into our day-to-day living, but to out-boondoggle the mother of all boondoggles — the federal gun registry. As if you needed any clearer signalling, it is learned that Liberal spender, er, MP, Denis Coderre spearheaded the unpopular Immigrant ... Read More

Not A Pharmacare In The World

Those of you who were salivating over the prospect of a national pharmacare program (I’m guessing that would be the people who don’t have decent coverage through an employer), are out of luck — at least for the time being: Prime Minister Paul Martin cold-shouldered the idea of a national pharmacare plan Thursday, suggesting the ... Read More

Weight Watchers Is Cheaper

The $13.91 I pay each week for my Weight Watchers (WW) membership seems cheap by comparison to what some Canadians are putting themselves through: Obese Canadians are heading to the U.S. for weight reduction surgery, frustrated with having to wait as long as six years for the procedure in Canada. Desperate men and women from ... Read More

Currie-ing Favour

B.C. blogger extraordinaire Jay Currie is experiencing a bit of a crunch right now. As a freelance writer myself, I know what it feels like to do some work for a client and then have the payment come in altogether too late. So I’d like to help out. For the next thirty days I will ... Read More

ParticipAction Is Evil

If I had to name the two things I hated most in elementary school they would be PhyEd class in general and the ParticipAction program in particular. Being born with a congenital heart defect forced me to sit out the more aerobic activities (lest my heart go into fibrillation) and I was miserable about it, ... Read More

Doing My Bit Pt. 3

I’ve had a few e-mails asking how the health kick is going, so I figured it was probably time for another update. As of this morning, my weight is down to 239.2 lbs, for a total loss of 20.2 lbs in six weeks. Losing four more pounds will put me at my “marriage” weight. If ... Read More

No Holes Barred

I’ve been inspired to new heights as an artist and I have none other than Governor General Adrienne Clarkson to thank for it: A performance artist who once lay naked in a shallow grave with a vial of his own blood dribbling out of his anus is among seven winners of one of Canada’s most ... Read More