Perhaps Not

Singer Tom Cochrane suggests that PM the PM should think about his legacy when it comes to Canada’s contribution to the relief of Third World poverty and debt.

I’m thinking that this “legacy” business is a tad overrated.

See, Jean Chretien left his country a legacy. It was called the Sponsorship Scandal. I’m thinking that if we want to do anything for our Third World bretheren, we veer away from the “legacy” train of thought and move more towards the “teach a man to fish” method. Rather than simply forgiving massive debts and dropping money into the pockets of the current regimes (who, I understand, run much like Montreal ad agencies), why not invest the money into agencies like the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), CARE, or any of the other groups that sends its own people in to teach the locals about self-sufficiency?

Hand-up, not….oh, you know the rest.

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