What Science Is The Liberal Gov’t Following?

So, Canadians who are not vaccinated are not free to travel – they cannot even leave the country for a vacation. What science is this? Hint: There is no science. It is tyrannical in nature for a government that knows there will be no elections because it’s made deals with the devil to call itself ... Read More

If Only I’d Stayed With The Mother Corp

It’s official, Canada: If you want a sure-fire career path, pay your dues at the CBC, then wait for your appointment as Governor General. CanWest News has revealed that Prime Minister Paul Martin will announce the appointment of Michaelle Jean as Governor General, to take over when Madame Adrienne Clarkson lets go of the purse ... Read More

Nice Cheap Shot

The pundits say that C-38 is “likely” to pass third reading today. I hope they’re right. The concept of same sex marriage has been debated to death over these last few months: It’s been argued, poked at, dissected and put through every ringer from the religious to the ridiculous. It’s time to put it to ... Read More

Perhaps Not

Singer Tom Cochrane suggests that PM the PM should think about his legacy when it comes to Canada’s contribution to the relief of Third World poverty and debt. I’m thinking that this “legacy” business is a tad overrated. See, Jean Chretien left his country a legacy. It was called the Sponsorship Scandal. I’m thinking that ... Read More

Brault Brault Brault Your Boat…

Ahem. I will be posting a link to some very interesting off-site information at 11 pm Mountain Time this evening. Information which may or may not pertain to Jean Brault’s recent Gomery testimony and salacious rumours about the impending collapse of Canada’s Liberal government. I’d like to say more, but one does have to be ... Read More

Dithering Diplomacy

Pierre Pettigrew’s brand of “quiet Canadian diplomacy” is proving to be even quieter than Bill Graham’s as he dithers about contemplates how to properly deal with governments who kill our citizens abroad. Zahra Kazemi was in Tehran on a photo shoot, working outside a Tehran prison when she taken into custody. Reports say she was ... Read More

Darwin Award Contenders

While I don’t think getting yourself killed by fleeing the police in a high-speed chase is notable enough to garner a Darwin Award these days, the fact that these two Edmonton youths managed to kill themselves before (one hopes) reproducing their faulty genes should technically qualify them for the award: The Edmonton police force will ... Read More

Shock To The System

I bought a new bathroom scale last week. The purchase was necessary as my old scale was off by so much (25 lbs) that it was starting to give results that invoked the specter of this past June’s election polls. So I stopped in at a local fitness store and asked to be shown the ... Read More

Meat Packers Screwing Albertans

Props to Alberta New Democrat Brian Mason for digging this up: A draft report prepared for the Alberta Beef Industry Council paints a disturbing picture of the impact of the Alberta governments mad cow compensation package. The report claims that Alberta packers have seen their gross margins increase by 200% since May of last year, ... Read More